Sunday, March 17, 2013

In Birthday Vino Veritas

According to Facebook, the entire world is drinking beer (most of it green) to celebrate some holiday honoring St. Patrick of the Ireland Nation. It's like, a thing.

I'm apparently too classy for that shit, 'cause I just got tipsy on wine all day.

Yes, this is the culmination of my birthday celebrations. I will stop now, I swear...although my sister still hasn't given me a present. What a bitch, riiiight? JOOOOKE. Yeah, but really. Done with the birthday whoring after this, swearsies.

I may still be drunk.


And some talking, also.


We headed up to Los Olivos around 11:30. The second we rose above sea level, left Santa Barbara and headed into the mountains, the fog cleared and the sun brightened up the inside of the car, and Deuce perked his head up from the back seat.


First we hit the Stolpman tasting room, and enjoyed salads from Panino on their outdoor patio, and also enjoyed you Fully approved of their tasting offerings, 'cause obviously I have a very sophisticated palate and am able to differentiate between good and great wines.

Then we wandered around Los Olivos for a bit, enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Oh, it's snowing where you are? I'm sorry, I'm such a bitch. I had to take off my sweater 'cause I WAS HOT.

My mom insisted on taking me to the garden store, which was wise on her part. 'Cause it was a magical paradise and I loved it. I took a gazillion pictures, everywhere you turned was some fascinating novelty or nifty discovery, I could have spent hours there looking around.

Next we headed to the Melville winery and again lounged outside, drinking, with a view of their vineyards and shade for the sunned-out pup and myself.

Then we drove all the way to Lompoc to the "Wine Ghetto", a row of warehouses with wine production facilities. We wanted to try the Longoria tasting room, and it was definitely worth the trip...of course, once there we found out there was a tasting room in Los Olivos too. Oh well. It was nifty to see all the big barrels and shit. Mmhmm. Poor Dubsie had to stay in the car.

Then home. I drunkenly dozed on the way. Then dinner, now drinking more wine, because that's just absolutely necessary. Obviously.

And there is birthday cake.


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