Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yoga Favorites

I've talked to you all about my goals, and my fears, so I figured it's time to share some of my yoga favorites.


*Crescent pose...I feel strong and powerful and centered, at least when my balance is on.

*Half pigeon...sometimes I could sleep forever. The hip stretch feels so gooood.

*Half moon...sometimes I don't need to have my hand on the floor, and I feel like I'm flying.

*Camel...first a fear, now a love. I get so excited when the instructor calls it out, it gives me such a rush of adrenaline now, and I get another when I come out of the pose.

*Tree absolute favorite. It's just what I always thought of when I thought of yoga, and I love when my balance is centered and I can look towards the sky. And I love my kitty Tree.

*And of course...savasana.


*The seconds just before class starts, when the teacher enters the room and the class starts to fall silent, and there's a breath, and the energy builds, and I know soon I'm gonna be enveloped in heat and stretch and bliss.

*When I pop up into my first downward dog of the day and my heels almost reach the floor, and I know it's going to be a good practice.

*When I do something I've done a hundred times before, and it's suddenly easier, or I'm stronger, or it's just one day there.

*Any time the instructor calls out a favorite pose.

*The moments when I realize class is half over and I haven't had to rest yet.

*Bowing forward at the end of class, repeating "namaste" with the other students, and feeling a swell of pride at what I've done for myself for the last hour.

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