Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hot on the Mesa

For years, the only hot yoga Santa Barbara had was a Bikram studio on Upper State. I definitely intended to try Bikram at some point, but I'll be quite honest with you---I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the 90 minute classes, the rigid structure of the practice, and even more honestly, I have a really weird hang-up/anxiety about the carpet in the studios. Isn't that...gross? Sweaty carpet? I don't know. I definitely want to try it, I just haven't allocated the funds yet. But the international Bikram headquarters are right down the street from my office, and Bikram himself teaches there when he's in town, so I will make it a point to have him teach my first class.

I'm getting off track.

Right, Santa Barbara has a Bikram studio, but no other hot yoga. Lo and behold, CorePower is opening a studio in June! Yay! And, equally as exciting, a new studio opened just recently exactly halfway between my parents' house and the Biff's house. And considering we live a one song drive apart, that's pretty damn close.

Today we decided to try Mesa Hot Yoga together. This was the Biff's first attempt at hot yoga, and I lent her my brown towel, so we each had the best kind of towel possible for our practice!

The class we took was called "Jammin", which as you may have guessed from the name, was full of Bob Marley and reggae music. Sold! The temperature at this studio is lower than I'm used to, 92-95, but it was glorious. The studio itself was so beautiful, on the second floor with an amazing view, bright and airy and sunny. And he instructor was amazing, I loved her guided breathing and the different flows she led us through and I left feeling like exhilarated jelly. I bought a package since they were running a 50% off deal for their opening, so I am definitely going again next weekend!

After yoga, we indulged in brunch at our spot just across the street, Mesa Cafe. Mmmm BISCUITS.

Then it was puppy play time at SBCC. It is so freaking gorgeous out this afternoon, after a gloomy morning. We laid on a hill for ages, just soaking in the sun.


Oh, and I don't have a picture of this, but I wore sexy shirts today, both to yoga and to SBCC. Open back and open sides. HOT.

Now, I nap. After the Biff works tonight, we're going out downtown, and I need my beauty rest after this morning's events.

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