Friday, March 29, 2013

Reward #3: Towel Off (And revisions, of course.)

Reward #2

Oh my I just love when I get a new reward! They make me so irrationally happy.

Proof of success.


This is my favorite brand/style of yoga towel, but the one I have is brown. Which is fine, brown is a lovely color, the color of dirt and chocolate and my hair and my eyes, but brown is boring. Green is PRETTY. Like apples and grass and the color I wish my eyes were.

Woohoo towel!

And upcoming goals:

149 - new decade - New comforter.  (Added this number, 'cause I just can't wait to see 149 again, and yeah, I want a new comforter. Mine is gross. And I have one picked out!)
147 - 10% loss -  Mani/pedi again? (I'll probably think of something better.)
145 - healthy BMI - New perfume.
142 - lowest weight - Get a massage.
139 - new decade - Dye hair. (SO IMPATIENT WANT TO DO NOW.)
136 - original goal - Get a facial. (Moved down from above, I can wait.)
132 - college weight - New purse.
130 - Final Goal! - SHOP!
Maintenance Goal - Tattoo

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