Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Bliss In Pictures

I am in a state of complete relaxed bliss.

Everything fell together last night to create the most perfect, oh, fifteen, sixteen hours or so, and now I am curled up on my dad's amazing chair and a half with a glass of wine (it's five o'clock somewhere, eh?) and the biggest, nicest TV they make. "They" being "the man".

I got to SB last night a little after nine, and within twenty minutes my favorite Biff had texted me she was getting off work early. So Deuce and I went over to her place for a visit! He had never been to her house before, so it was a test of his maturity and he passed with flying colors. Didn't intentionally destroy anything!

I was fully planning to come back here to sleep, but Biff bought a bottle of champagne on her way home from work...what was I going to do, say no? So it turned into a sleepover!

My sincere apologies to the Biff and the pups for my raging coughing fit all night. Horrifying. Barely slept.

This morning I was up early and Dubs and I went home to change and grab his various accessories for a walk! I went back and played on my new inherited iPad until the Biff woke up. Have I mentioned that? I don't think I had. One of my birthday gifts was my mom's old iPad passed down when my dad gifted her a new mini. Squeeeeee. While I messed about, the boys played. They are in love.

We decided to walk to the Douglas Preserve since it's right by the Biff's house. Usually my family doesn't take Dubs there since there are a lot of foxtails and they get in his feeties, but it's a bit early for them so I risked it. And the views are just goooorgeous. The pups had a grand time frolicking, I had a grand time burning some calories and taking pictures and chatting with my fave lady, and it was a beautiful morning. 

Towards the end of our walk, something absolutely wonderful happened. We were almost out of the park when we ran into a man and his Akita, Bello, a two year old and 85 pound handsome monster of a pup. My family had two Akitas when I was growing up, Kuma and Zeus (yes, Zeus and Deuce) and they were the sweetest, most protective teddy bears. I just love the breed and the second Dubs met Bello the two got along like peas and carrots! They romped and played and had a ball. And played ball. Badumdumchh.

After our lovely hour-long walk, we took the pups to their respective homes to pass out, and then we went to feast on brunch at our favorite spot in town, Mesa Cafe. I couldn't wait to start eating to take a picture. I had scrambled eggs with bacon, green onion, mushrooms and cream cheese, and biscuits with blackberry jam. SO GOOD.

After brunch we sadly parted ways (TEAR), and I headed downtown to finally shop for my 10KCAL Challenge reward! Last weekend when I was out with my mama I bought new foundation and blush from Laura Mercier, which I love, but today I went to Sephora and went a little crazy with the rest of my reward funds. I also went to Marshalls to look for a case for the previously mentioned iPad. Funny story about that, I went to the one near work earlier this week and found an Ellie Tahari one I wanted to buy, but it was EIGHTY FUCKING DOLLARS. Yeah, not in this universe. I found the exact same one here marked for seven. Clearly the one in LA was marked wrong.

So yeah...exercise, food, shopping, wine?

 Oh my, I'm happy.


  1. What makeup did you get?! We would love the brands, etc...