Thursday, March 14, 2013

25 Before 25 SUCCESS! (Basically.)

Back in January I came up with a list of 25 things I was going to try to do before my 25th birthday.

Which, you may not know, is today. I know, I've been keeping it on the down low, you had no idea! WHAT A SURPRISE.

But yeah, my list?

Rocked. That. Shit.

God, I love me a completed list. ALMOST completed list, as it were.

25 Before I'm 25

1. Hike to the Hollywood sign. 
2. Post on my blog every day.
3. Write some fiction. (Ehhh, a little...nothing substantial. But I tried.)
4. Read five books. (Exactly five!)
5. Knit something. (FAAAAAIL.)
6. Give away clothes to charity. (Four bags full!)
7. Find somewhere to volunteer. (Barbara Ireland Walk on March 16th!)
8. Clean out my car. 
9. Organize my desk. 
10. Bathroom too. (Plus I did my vanity!)
11. And bookcase.
12. And nightstand.
13. Cuddle with the kitty. (SO MUCH.)
14. Go to yoga a few times. (More than a few!)
15. And do yoga at home. (Vegas is home, right?)
16. Get my car washed. (It is currently getting its bath, in just under the wire.)
17. Get my windshield wiper blades changed.
18. Get my hair cut.
19. Re-arrange my various knickknacks.
20. Buy flowers at the farmer's market. (More than once.)
21. Take down my Christmas lights.
22. Organize my fridge.
23. Try to be healthier.
24. Try to be happier.
25. Love myself.