Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yoga Goals

As I find myself becoming more and more dedicated to my yoga practice, I have decided to come up with some goals that will push me to constantly challenge myself and always work harder. Like I said when I was discussing my fears, I do not want to risk becoming stagnant in my practice, bored with the same flows and asanas, stuck in a rut. I'm certainly not anywhere near that point right now, but I'm trying to prepare myself for future pitfalls and come up with ways to motivate myself and cope and deal beforehand.


Two categories. First, poses I want to work towards, and how I'll measure the achievement. Then, endurance goals in chronological order.


*Crow Pose, 15 seconds

*Headstand, straight legs
*Handstand, 5 seconds
*Bird of paradise, straighten leg

*Bound eagle pose, wrap ankle around calf


*Morning Challenge: go to class every morning for five days.
*7 Day Challenge: go to yoga seven days in a row.
*Double Challenge: go to double yoga once a week for a month.
*10 Day Challenge: go to yoga ten days in a row.
*Double Double Challenge: go to double yoga twice a week for a month.
*30 Day Challenge: go to yoga 30 days in a row. (Apparently, this is a like a thing.)


  1. 30 day challenge is a big Bikram thing. Almost every studio I've ever been to has a 30 day challenge sticker chart in the lobby or locker room. I keep one on my desk at work. My goal is 366 practices in 2013.

    1. That's what I gather, very cool! Turns out the international headquarters is literally just down the street from me, so I really have no excuse not to try Bikram soon!