Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yawny Yogi

Despite what I told you last week about realizing I'm not a big fan of practicing yoga on a weeknight, I went to class last night after my therapy session. I thought it might be a nice twofer of self-love. And it was!

I really liked the new teacher I tried, she was bubbling over with positive energy and her class was brutal and beautiful. I knew I was a fan of her when she started class by talking about how we should try to limit our extraneous movement during class, wiping our sweat and fussing with our clothes and "how do I look, do I look fat? Give it five minutes, we're all going to look like crap." Plus, she announced at the beginning of class that she had spent the last few weeks nursing a few friends back to happiness after break ups, so it was officially "Girl Power Night...sorry, guys. There will be no men bashing, but when women love themselves, you love us more too." Every song was an awesome girl power jam. I wiggled and danced at one point, I didn't care who saw me!

The problem with the night classes is they're soooo crowded. I swear there were less than five inches on either side of my mat. But it did lead to chatting with the girl next to me before class started, which was really nice, and the teacher had us engage with each other and hold shoulders during boat pose and high five after our core series. I did like the energy of the class, how the amount of people built great heat in the room, but walking in and not being able to put my mat in my special corner spot, and actually having to search for an open space on the floor, just gives me anxiety. And the parking situation, too. Ugh.

I'm lucky that I can go to morning and lunch classes most of the time, and I think it's good for me to occasionally go to the evening classes because they do challenge my practice in different ways, but for the most part I will stick to avoiding them.

So, class last night, then I had planned on class this morning too. I guess I didn't drink enough water last night before bed, 'cause I woke up wrecked, but I dragged myself out of bed and went to the studio anyway, 'cause dammit I made a schedule. I spent most of class yawning. Every time my arms went up for mountain pose, open went my mouth.

Such a sleepy yogini today. A whole class of savasana would have been lovely.

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