Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ladies' Night

The members of my core group of high school friends have all, with the except of myself and the Biff, graduated to Couple Status over the last few years. Married, engaged, living together, they each have a manfriend in tow, so our social outings are usually a big group shenanigan. Which I absolutely don't mind, 'cause luckily these ladies have excellent taste in dudes.

But sometimes, you just have to put your foot down, and say, "Yo. It's Girls' Night." And this week, I was the one to do it. Since not everyone was going to Vegas, it was necessary.

First up, The Married Lady and I went foraging for cheap Vegas dresses all over the city. We each found a winner (and of course, you'll see mine when I get back from my trip), but we also found some losers.

My fave was Hooker Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

And this wolf shirt, fit for WTForever21.

Then there were the "almosts". I loved this dress, and it was on SALE! It was seriously almost exactly like Naomi Watts' Armani Prive from the Oscars, right? But it was too big...too bad. 

While trying on accessories in H&M, I stole The Married Lady's Ring. SPARKLY. I jokingly texted my mom that we were engaged and she said, "Well, she's already married but I won't judge."

And there was a candy store stop.

We headed to the Grove to meet up with the rest of the group for dinner (minus the Biff, who lives up in SB).   There was Greek food and gossip and good times had by all. I should force people to hang out with me more often.

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