Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Schedule My Life

I love me a list. In case you didn't know.

I also love me a plan. A schedule. A chart of to-dos. Especially when I have a lot of dos to do. Sometimes I have a meticulous crafted outline of my day, broken down into increments of time carefully chopped up to maximize fun and productivity and insanity. Twenty minutes of this, an episode of that while doing x, I'm allowed to surf the Internet for y amount of time then I must z until f while I cry...

And sometimes, I just revert to lists.

'Cause I'm too busy.


Morning: Expense reports for the laziest executive ever who is incapable of keeping up with his receipts so every few months he dumps them all on me because apparently he is just rolling in dough and can go months without being reimbursed for thousands of dollars. Seriously?
Lunch: Ordered yummy Greek food for the office, will feast on shrimp and salad and pita bread before going to Marshall's to look for Spanx or the knock-off equivalent to suck in my child-birthin' hips.
Afternoon: Finish expense reports if necessary. Do other important shit.
Evening: Therapy, yoga, CVS for glitter and gloss. Work on Vegas Birthday mix.


Morning: Yoga! And get my car washed. And wrapping up work shet since I'll be out of the office Friday.
Lunch: Going to a cleaning training session at my yoga studio. They do "yoga for trade" where you can do a three hour cleaning shift every week in return for a monthly yoga membership, and I would love to save some money! Plus I think it would be a great way to get more involved in the community and maybe make some yogi friends? I'm not sure if the shifts currently available will work with my real work schedule, but we shall see.
Afternoon: Leaving work early for an appt. with Therapist #2.
Evening: Grocery store for Vegas snacks and Gatorade to re-hydrate after drunken debaucherous nights. Beautify myself. Remove my mustache and all errant hairs from my face and body. Pack. Perhaps go find Spanx if I haven't found any yet. Stay up late waiting for the Biff to arrive after she gets off work.


Morning: Mani/pedi.


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