Friday, March 8, 2013

WW Recap 3/1-3/7: Well, then.

On Wednesday, I was kind of worried, I'll be honest with you. I hadn't lost any weight, I was actually up a few ounces, and I was all ready to talk myself down from the ledge.

"It's okay that you didn't lose this week. You had a huge loss last week, and you did so awesome this week with your yoga and your eating so who cares what the scale says? IRRELEPHANT!"

But I ended up losing 1.2 pounds.

Well, then!


1) Go to yoga five times. (Fuck. Yeah. My. Bitches. Plus. Double. Yoga.)
2) Make a recipe. (Yup, dinner for my parents.)
3) Read a book. (Half of one?)
4) Schedule blog posts for while I'm in Vegas so I'm technically posting every day till my bday. (Chya. They're very exciting.)
5) Don't weigh myself every day. (Heh, every single freaking day, actually, without fail. I did so much better last week when I wasn't actively trying to resist. What is wrong with my brain?)


1) Have the best fucking time in Vegas and on your birthday, and eat delicious things, but don't go fucking insane like you're never going to eat again. Just indulge like a normal person.
2) Go to yoga three times.
3) Read a fucking book, seriously, what is wrong with you, YOU LIKE READING.
4) Practice yoga at home.
5) Knit something.

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