Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sunday: The Lovely, The Lazy, The LA Life

Overall I would say this weekend is just about the best I've had in LA for awhile. For reals.

Happy me.

No yoga this morning, though. My alarm went off, and my body said, "Uh, nope. No thank you. Nooo." I was wrecked. In a lovely way, but you Recovery day. Funny how 135 minutes in a 100 plus degree room, upside down, will make you a little tired.

So I lazed about in bed for awhile, which is truly one of my favorite past times. Popped my smelly cat pee sheets in the wash. Then I finished cleaning my apartment, which really took no time at all once I got right down to it, got it looking oh-so-pretty, parental-ready and shiny. Then I bought purty flowers at the Farmer's Market, and got myself looking almost as purty, and then my parents picked me up for our day out on the town!

Speaking of being purty, or pretty, if we're using grown up language: when I thought over our plans for the day last night, I realized they were exactly the same as a previous Sunday outing almost exactly a year ago: so I wore a variation on the same outfit. 'Cause why not?

  • Dress by Old Navy
  • Coat by Kut from the Kloth
  • Tights by Nordstrom
  • Boots by ShoeDazzle ($11!)

First up was lunch at the Napa Valley Grille in Westwood with my sweet baby cousin and her equally adorable boyfriend, seniors at UCLA. Of course, I call her my baby cousin when in actuality she's only a few years younger than me. But when you're a kid, a few years makes someone seem INFANTILE, and I still retain the idea that she's significantly younger than me, even though she's really not. Food was delicious, conversation was fabulous, all was well. I split a seared ahi tuna salad and braised pear and prosciutto with burrata appetizer with my mama. SO GOOD.

Then my parents and I went to see "The Gift" at the Geffen Playhouse staring Kathy Baker, Chris Mulkey, James Van Der Beek, and Jaime Ray Newman. It was awesome and weird and interesting and kinda fucked up and thought provoking and I don't really know what to make of it, but I enjoyed myself. I asked my parents if we could go because the author, Joanna Murray-Smith, wrote a play that I did a scene and monologue from when I was big into acting and drama and whatnot back in the day. Ah, memories.

Then my parents and I went back to my apartment, my mom and I put on comfy clothes, opened a few bottles of wine and chatted and hung out with the kitty and lounged. They were suitably impressed with my clean and well organized apartment. I'm so lucky to have parents that I actually enjoy spending time with as people. I mean, why wouldn't I? they're awesome.

And then I made them dinner! And it was goooood.

Parmesan crusted chicken (my mama's recipe, will post later!) with Emily Bites' balsamic roasted vegetables over mixed baby greens. And more wine. YUM.

And also, cheesecake stuffed strawberries, but no pictures of those, 'CAUSE WE ATE THEM SO FAST.

They hit the road back to Santa Barbara, and I am tucked into bed with my Tree, who was so pleased to have a chance to cuddle with the Daddy again, who was always his favorite. Though, he did seem to pay more attention to the Mommy this time.

And I'm super stoked, cause I just reached the most revered episode of SVU: THE ANIMAL SMUGGLING EPISODE!

Bedtime after that, with sweet sweet dreams of gibbons.

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