Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Saturday: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Smell of Cat Pee

Overall, I had a pretty fucking awesome Saturday. The good far outweighed the bad.

But the kind of really annoying.

Why don't we start from the top?

The Good:

*I decided to celebrate my last Sloppy Saturday. Next week I'll be in Vegas, then I'll be, GASP, TWENTY FIVE. And I'll try.

*My appointment at the dealer took less time than I was expecting, and the guy helping me seemed to take a liking to me. He started calling me "my darling", which I didn't mind. It seemed affectionate, not demeaning. I ate my apple and yogurt with an iced chai latte at Starbucks, read for awhile, and took a little stroll.

*Had my first therapy session back with my main therapist after awhile off. She had surgery and is doing really well now, and she was so stoked to see all the changes I've made. YAY PROGRESS.

*Took myself to lunch at Literati Cafe and had my favorite sandwich, the turkey asparagus affair with pesto and swiss cheese on the most amazing multi grain bread. YUM.

*Sold some clothes at the Crossroads in Santa Monica. Made $30, and that means I can buy flowers at the Farmer's Market tomorrow!



*I ate a Cadbury Creme egg and IT WAS DELICIOUS. Worth every activity point I had to earn to eat it.

The Bad:

*Sure, my appointment didn't take too long. But I did end up having to get all new tires. Thank god for the Bank of Daddy, from which I can borrow via credit card and pay back at my leisure. You think you're starting to get ahead, you get a little tax refund and think maybe you can save, and then BOOM. Your tires are bald. Like your head is going to be if your hair keeps falling out like it does...anyway. I asked my guy if I could drive to Vegas on the tires I had and buy new ones in a few weeks and he got all stern and was like "NO. You are not allowed to drive to Vegas on these tires."

*I bought two pretty new pictures with said tax refund last week even though I shouldn't be buying myself shit that isn't a reward for anything, but they were cheap and awesome, but the ones I want to move are adhered to the wall pretty firmly with sticky things and I think I have to rip them. Bah.

*I'm almost but not quite done cleaning, and my parents are coming to dinner tomorrow after a day out in Westwood so I gotta make my place look amazing. So I think I'm going to get up early, as opposed to finishing now, and I also want to go to yoga in the morning. BECAUSE I AM AN ADDICT. Better than a food addict, right?

Oh, you  just cleaned here? I lay here.

The Ugly Smell of Cat Pee

*Yeah. I woke up this morning, and sniffed. "Huh," I thought to myself. "It kind of smells like cat pee. Did Bentley pee on the new littler mat I bought? Little shit." Back to sleep. Got up, went to the dealer, came home. Discovered, no, the cat apparently just peed himself. On the bed. Luckily not on the comforter, but on the sheet, soaked through to the mattress pad (WHICH I JUST WASHED LAST WEEKEND OF COURSE) and the mattress. And dried. Sigh. I have excellent cleaning products though and get the mattress clean. Of course, I go to wash the sheets and pad, and realize the new detergent I bought last week is actually just fabric softener. Bah. I go to SM then CVS then yoga, come home to wash my shit...and some other loser in my building is doing laundry at 9 on a Saturday night. I should be the only loser doing laundry on a Saturday night! So tragically I am on boring white sheets, and no mattress pad. Ugly.

Life is amazing and annoying.

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