Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Whole Home Stretch

Four. More. Days.



I mean, really, I'm joyful, but I'm not actually aching for the end of my Whole30, dreaming of garlic bread and ice cream. I'm fine! And I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and having it be so...almost easy. I really can have willpower when I want to.

Things I've Learned During My Whole30

*I like eating clean. Imagine that.
*I can make myself cook and prep and try, when I have to.
*It feels great to refocus on eating right.
*It's expensive to eat healthy.
*I can eat intuitively, not count points or calories or ounces or grams, and nourish myself, and not binge.

Things I Think I Learned During My Whole30
(But Will Confirm Next Week When I Reintroduce Things)

*My body needs the fuel of grains, or dairy, or both. I just don't really feel totally right

So, yes. FOUR. MORE. DAYS. 

And soon...


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