Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Prep Day


I did it.

I finally did it.

This is just a week of firsts.

I've always known the best way to prepare for a week of healthy eating would be to do a Sunday Prep Day. Cooking and meal planning, those are the building blocks of weight loss success. But they take time, and effort, and I hate having to put in time, and effort.


Oh, today.

I woke up later than usual, so it's not like I just had ample amounts of extra time or anything. I said bye to the boy, and contemplated the groceries I bought yesterday eve. I thought about having a basic, easy breakfast.

And decided to make me a recipe instead.

This recipe, to be exact.

Meat crust quiche? Oh, hell yeah. The crust. Is meat.

It. Was. BOMB.

And while it was baking, I turned the rest of the dozen eggs I bought into hard boiled ones. And now I am set for snacks, and meals, for the week!


After yoga tonight, I might get really wild and cook up a batch of ground turkey for stuffed sweet potatoes, then I'd even have VARIETY. Who knows?

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