Saturday, June 22, 2013


I did it.

I've been so close, so many times. But I've never quite found my center, until last night.

Maybe it's because I'd already practiced once that day, who knows. But as I tightened my core and pulled my legs up into a pretty damn solid headstand for the first time, and saw myself in the mirror with a big goofy smile on my face, I knew.

I did it. I held it, legs straight, for a good few seconds. 

Of course, I fell out a minute later, but not a full on topple like a few weeks ago. A controlled fall in a normal direction. That's an even bigger win. 



Yes, I've used this pic before. No, I don't care.
It's amazing.


  1. That's soooooo exciting!!!!
    I went to SUP yoga today, and was the only one who had no clue how to do a headstand! My mission for the week! You have inspired me!

    1. Do it! You'll feel like a kid again!