Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Whole Deal

Okay, so truth time.

I'm not really doing The Whole 30, like...strictly.

First of all, the challenge my dad set forth allows me to drink booze. 'Cause we be a family of boozehounds. So there's that.

Plus, I mean, check this out. That's the meal planning template for the program, and it's like...complicated. I mean, I guess not really, but...I'm not doing that for every meal. Sorry I'm not sorry.

And, the two juices I bought for days 1 & 2, turns out, not so compliant---The Whole 30 prefers you chew your food, imagine that, so...no juices or smoothies, generally. But...I like smoothies.

So here's the thing. I'll be following the basic principles: no wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, potatoes. I will be eating clean and crisply. But...my own way. Not strictly according to their formulas and guidelines. They're HARDCORE, and I'm not. It's just too cray, and I'm guaranteed to fail if I try to do it their way.

And we don't want me to fail, now do we?


So if I want a smoothie, I'll have a smoothie. If I want to make a "Paleo pizza", I will, even if they consider that "junk food". My focus is just to eat well for this 30 days, and I think that's just darn good enough. 

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  1. I think that's a perfect mindset!!! I've been eating mostly GF and very vegan for a few months now. I'm super happy with this... And shockingly don't miss cheese!