Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Random: Thursday Edition

The Good

*My apartment is finally (mostly) clean, and that's nice to wake up to.
*I discovered a Visa gift card in my wallet with just the right amount left on it for a smoothie this morning...
*Which meant I ended up driving on Bentley Avenue, which is a great start to any day.
*Got me a date tonight.

The Bad

*I broke my favorite headband this morning. Let us have a moment of silence.
*My banana had a big big brown spot and I don't eat that shit.
*I don't think my jacket quite matches my shirt.

The Random

*It's amazing how much less Diet Coke we go through in the work kitchen when I'm not drinking any.
*I really need to take off my toenail polish. It's trashy.

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