Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10th

You may have noticed that my Friday check ins have disappeared.

Or, you may have not. Probably not. Well, they have.

I was starting to feel off balance having my Weight Watchers week start over at the end of the work week. My little OCD brain couldn't handle it. So, with the start of my Whole30 and the new month of June, I've decided my WW week now begins on Mondays. Isn't that just better? Don't we like that so much more?

We do.

I'm going to change up the way I check in a bit. Each Monday, I'm going to log my weight (unless it will really fuck with my psyche), and give a little recap of my mood, food, and movement for the past week. Then I'll share what I hope to accomplish throughout the next seven days. Not goals. I need to stop with the goals. Just...things I want to do. Things I'd like to do. Things I think will make me happy.

Weight: 144.8
Mood: Struggling a bit, but overall good. Starting the Whole30 has really helped to pull me out of the funk I've found myself in for the last few weeks, but I've still had some hard days. Overall though, I'm doing much better. I'm reading a new book that promises to help with my mental state, so we'll see how this week shapes up.
Food: Great! I'm really sticking to my Whole30 and really have not been tempting to stray. I overindulged a bit in plantains on Saturday night, but really, overeating fruit is not the worst thing I could have done, right?
Movement: Eh. Tried yoga on Saturday, and we know how that went. Other than that, no activity.

This week, I would like to...

...move my body every day.
...keep my living space clear and free of clutter. happy.

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