Friday, June 21, 2013

Text Suspense

I'm trying really hard this dating go-around not to adhere to arbitrary, antiquated rules and rituals passed down from decades past about what is and is not acceptable behavior. I'm going with my gut, doing what I want, and being as forward, or as not, as I darn well please.

Which is why I pushed for plans for Date #2 with TS last weekend. He'd made it clear he'd like to see me, so why play the game of waiting for him to officially ask me out? I said, "Hey. We should hang out again. When are you free?"

And so we did.

But this time, I feel like it's his fucking turn. Not because of "rules", but because I want to feel pursued. So I'm waiting.


The opening right now is perfect. Our text conversation is in a lull, in the midst of discussing our weekend plans.


My phone is a pot of water. It ain't never gonna boil.

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