Saturday, June 8, 2013

Linking on a Saturday Night

I was supposed to go out to a work event in Hollywood last night.

Supposed to. As in didn't.

I know, it seems like I'm an antisocial homebody. But that's only because I'm acting like an antisocial homebody.

What am I doing tonight?


And gettin' down.

Why Beluga Whales Should Be Your New Favorite Mammal

Awww. They can hang out with elephants in my daydreams.

Life Inside The Whedonverse

Love this! Cannot wait to see "Much Ado About Nothing". I wish I was part of the Whedonverse...

30 Things Only Drivers In Los Angeles Will Understand

Hah, and this too. So very true.

The Incredible Story Of Karen Kaplan's Meteoric Rise From Receptionist To CEO 

A girl can dream, right? I mean...dream and work. 

World's Tiniest Library Pops Up In New York City

And it's adoooorable!

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