Monday, June 3, 2013

The Whole Goal

So, this "Whole 30" thing. It's kinda weird, I know. I'll admit has the potential to go very, very badly, what with my history of crazy, tendency to rebel against enforced constraints, and just the general idea of you know, bribery.

But despite all that...I'm really excited about it, and very, very optimistic that I can do this. With all the things I've done in my life that are really, truly hard? I don't think this will be one of them. Hell, I did a 21 day cleanse and had shakes and soups for 2 meals a day, I think I can handle this.

I'll just miss my cheese.

I really do think this challenge will be incredibly good for me in a number of ways. It will give me a new thing to focus and fixate on, it will recharge the batteries in my healthy eating machinery, it will get me motivated again. I'm feeling so energized as I think about the month ahead, and I know if I stick with it I'll feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when I'm through.

My goals for the 30 days are:

1) To experiment with cooking, broaden my food horizons and spend more time in the kitchen.
2) To try a new way of eating and discover if I have any sensitivities I didn't know about.
3) Commit to going to yoga 20 times.

Simple, yeah?

Let's do this.

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