Monday, June 10, 2013


That's how much money I have in my checking account.

And my savings? My credit cards?

Let's not even go there.

I'm broke as a joke, y'all.

My raise was reflected on my last paycheck, a little less than $150 per paycheck. This is awesome. Not as awesome as you know....$200, 400, A TRILLION DOLLARS PER PAYCHECK, but still, awesome. And yet, somehow, I am the poorest I have been in a looooooong time.

Clearly, I really need to get back on this budgeting kick.

Things I Need To Stop Spending Money On

*Food in general, 'cause let's face it I can live off my own flesh.
*Therapy. I'll just be crazy.
*Gas to go anywhere besides work.
*Toilet paper. I CAN USE LEAVES.
*Litter. I CAN USE DIRT.
*Laundry. I will just SMELL.
*Songs on iTunes.
*Books on Kindle.
*Anything fun.

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