Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Girl Brain

Be warned: you are about to read an official Crazy Post, courtesy of my spazzing girl brain.

Are you ready?

Be ready.


Pretty sure TS is over it. Or if he's not over it, I might be over it.

I'm displeased today. Let's put it that way.

Reasons Why He's Not Texting Me
  • He's over it.
  • He's under it.
  • He's really super duper busy. 
  • He's lost.
  • He's sickly.
  • He got to stay the night in my bed so he thinks he's "in" and doesn't have to do any work anymore.
  • He didn't get The Sex and thinks he never will because this is the goddamn 1950s.
  • I'm a bad kisser.
  • He's playing games with me.
  • He forgot my name.
  • He accidentally deleted my number. 
  • He got to pet Bentley and that's all he wanted from me.

Acceptable Reasons Not To Text Me
  • Death.
  • Dismemberment.
  • Being over it, I guess, though a polite brush off would be nice.

Every other reason is dumb and time could be made for a five second text. Three second. Yes? YES. 


I mean, look, I get that a few days without texting is not that big of a deal, but last week he texted me pretty much every day. So it just seems suspect, if you ask me. And you did ask me. You came to my blog.

So I just have this feeling that he's over it.

And you know, even if he's not, the fact that I haven't gotten any of that attention I so desperately need in the last few days has indicated something to me. I've started to lose interest, which means I probably was only into him because he was so obviously, or seemingly anyway, into me. 

Make sense?




And he seemed so promising! That's the thing! I was all optimistic and shit. What does this teach me?

Optimism is for suckers.

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