Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Second Chances

I'm kind of stuck on the fact that the Neighbor Boy didn't even give me a second date.

I mean, for me, I usually give someone another shot as long as they don't a) totally offend me and b) are attractive, to me, as long as c) we had a decent time. I mean, first dates are awkward, so if there was a modicum of fun, one assumes the second date could be better. And I thought we had a good time. Ish.

So my fear, as I told y'all, is that he was totally not attracted to me. Basically, I assume he thinks I'm fat. Which, I know, is a thought from Crazytown.



I know, I know. There are countless reasons why he could have been completely uninterested in me. I mean, I'm a lot to handle. My personality is on level ten. And attraction does not have to be solely dependent on weight, right? He could have hated my face. Or you know...he could have just enjoyed me, but not felt that "spark". Sometimes I don't feel the spark. I mean, I didn't feel the spark.

But I still would have gone on a second date.

Still, WHY do I care so much?

This is why dating is such a mindfuck. Rejection hurts, even when you can rationalize it all day. Even when the guy is perfectly kind and up front about it, doesn't just blow you off, gives you the courtesy of a "friendship" olive branch...it still stings to be told you're not wanted. 

But it's okay.

Bentley loves me.

And chocolate loves me.


Stupid diet.


  1. Dating is the worst. I've had not great experiences with online dating, so I've given up on it, even though I have no clue how else to meet people in my current town. I give you credit for putting yourself out there.

    1. It IS the worst. Such emotional turmoil! I need to learn to just take everything less seriously, but you know me---always in my own head!

  2. I can almost 100% guarantee you that it was because you lived so close. That would probably be a deal breaker for me too-there is just too much risk in things not ending in happily ever after (cause let's be honest, far more relationships don't work out than do) and if you live close that can be awkward (at best) and crazy pants (at worst). I bet you a gillion dollars that was the reason-NOT YOU.

    1. Wow, I really hadn't thought of that as a possible explanation. Thanks so much for this, it's really comforting.