Friday, June 7, 2013

Rejection Section



Good thing I wasn't cocky this morning, right? RIGHT?!

I already heard from the Neighbor. And while I'm "a lot of fun" and have "a great personality", he didn't feel "a super strong connection" relationship-wise. 

So, basically, he wasn't attracted to me.

But he wants to be friends. And not only that, he specifically mentioned inviting me to join him and his roommate for some sort of weekly thing they throw at their place, so I don't think it was just a kindly formality. 

So first I was kind of hurt, and pouty, and a bit enraged. 

But then I took a breath, and decided I didn't need to be hurt over someone rejecting me after one date. So I wasn't what he wanted, well I don't want someone who isn't excited about me. 

But I don't know, two rejections in one week is a lot for my poor little fragile self to handle. I could let this get to me. Or...I could not.

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