Friday, June 7, 2013

The Neighbor Date

See, this is why you can't nickname a guy before the first date, because sometimes the perfect one just drops right into your lap and it's just...PERFECT.

First, a little nugget of hilarity: I was messaging with this guy for awhile, and gave him my number before I realized we hadn't actually exchanged names. Whoops. Turns out he possesses the name of my Asshole Ex. I do try my darnedest to avoid repeats, but this name in particular is a good name, so I guess I can let it slide.

And that brings us to the nickname.

He picked the bar, and just so happened to choose my favorite place, super close to home and divey and casual. I enter, we introduce ourselves, and he offers to buy me a drink. Perfection. He then says that he actually walked to the bar, because he lives at "X Blvd and X."

I stare at him. "No you don't."


"I live at X Blvd and X."

Turns out he lives across the street from me. Seriously.

So he is now The Neighbor.

We had fun! Taylor like. I'm not going to say I'm definitely getting a second date out of this, because as we've learned when I have an ego the universe likes to squash it like a little buglet, but I would not be surprised.

Of course, I offered to drive him home, and when we got to my driveway there was someone in it and I was kind of a bit of a bitch so hopefully that didn't sour the sweet impression I no doubt had created up until that point, but you know...I'm kind of a bitch sometimes. So there's that. And I'm obsessing. 'Cause I do.


Good times.

Oh, yeah, once style post for you. I'm sucking on that front lately. I did take a selfie in the car...yay selfie? 


Yay date.

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