Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcome to "Nashville"

Is anyone watching "Nashville"?

No, just me?

Okay then.

It's not great, but I see a lot of potential, and my love of Tami Taylor (aka Connie Britton, aka THE HAIR) will keep me watching for awhile longer. Though surprisingly, my favorite character and the one I think is the best written is Hayden Panettiere's Taylor Swift/Carrie Underwood hybrid, Juliette Barnes. Rayna James, the character played by The Hair, hasn't been given a lot of layers yet. But she is absolutely still my idol.

Also, yes, there are a lot of cute boys. Plus, I love a TV show with music. And "Glee" sucks now. And "Smash" isn't back yet, though it also sucked.

So for now, I'm gettin' my country on.

I was totally entranced by this performance in the first episode. It's a Civil Wars cover, who I love desperately.

And check out this awesome girl power number.

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