Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Southern Cali Skies

I just had the most magical  afternoon.

Magical, if we just totally ignore the fact that for the last two hours I was a) driving in b) traffic and c) had to pee THE WHOLE TIME.

Other than that...yup, magical. Why, you ask?

'Cause I love December in Southern California. And today was simply beautiful.

It began on the drive home after viewing the hilarious "This Is 40" with my father (we both recommend). The skies were glowing while I quickly packed up my car, the mountains shimmering with the last of the day's sunlight, and I got stupidly happy about the whole thing.

Then my journey back to LA began with a hint of a rainbow peeking over the horizon, a colorful little splash of joy. As I sat in bumper to bumper traffic crawling through Carpinteria, listening to my current favorite playlist, it grew and grew in front of me until it was a full arc directly over the freeway.

Fucking awesome. In the car next to me, a six year old girl was taking a bunch of pictures with a goofy grin on her face. So yes, apparently I am a six year old girl, 'cause I also took many photos. But it's safe, I was sitting in traffic. AND I LOVE RAINBOWS.

Then, once I drove through the rain that resulted in such a magical bow, the sunset over the ocean kept me occupied until the moon started to glow in front of me.

THEN, I stopped to pee at the world's fanciest gas station bathroom. And it made me feel classy.

THEN, traffic cleared up, and I flew the rest of the way home with the lights of LA spread out before me. I love this city at night, when lit up windows sparkle like glitter across the sky. I arrived home a bit ago to a still-alive Bentley, with leftover of stuffing, and bottle of rum.

Yo ho hoooo.


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