Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lazy Pancake Sunday

I woke up to rain today, almost noon, with a sore throat and aching neck. Yesterday I had hoped that pain was just the delayed hangover of no-sleep Thursday, but no. I may be a bit sick.

So obviously, I started the day by stumbling down to the corner diner and getting pancakes for breakfast.

I had intended to get quarters and do some laundry today...but laundry can't be done while it's raining, now can it? No, not when you have to go outside to the back of the building to get to the machines. And yes, by the way, someone came and fixed the washer and my comforter survived. I still want a new one, though.

So, no laundry, and no chance of being productive while I feel rather crappy.

Back to bed it is.

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