Saturday, December 8, 2012

Girly Good Times

Best way to take your mind off worrying things: spend the day with your best friend.

Worse way to take your mind off of worrying things: obsessively research them on the Internet.

Guys? There's a WebMD for pets. This is a truly terrible discovery.

In other news, I did some ill-advised shopping today. Ill-advised 'cause I just bitched about money this morning, but NO REGRETS.

You'll see the outfit later this week,'s a preview!

BFF and I ended up skipping the movie and just shopped and wandered, which was more fun for us anyway. We can't gossip in a movie! And we had much to gossip about, including and not limited to:

*boys being stupid
*boys being chivalrous
*the variety of definitions of "the spark"
*people with issues
*sexy shoes
*sexy dresses
*animals with health problems
*doggy dental specialists

All in all, a fabulous day with my favorite gal, and now my favorite guy and I are cuddled up on the couch, watching movies that make us cry. As catharsis.

I'm sure he will feel lots better tomorrow.

And I will stop looking at PetMD.

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