Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Recap #5

Weekly Loss: -??  (Hey, you try remembering to weigh yourself on three hours of sleep. Also, I don't care.)
Total Loss: -4.6 lbs approx

Calories Burned: 0
Days Active: 0
(I don't caaaare. 'Cept I dooooo.)


:( :( :( :( That's all I really want to say, but I'll say more. I mean, today wasn't BAD. I didn't binge. But I woke up feeling great and was so sure I'd be 100% OP today and make good choices, but I had food in my face ALL DAMN DAY setting up this meeting and...I couldn't resist. I wasn't hungry in the morning, which is pretty standard at this point, but I had a banana and three bites of a chocolate muffin. Then a bagel with cream cheese at lunch, 'cause there was an everything bagel left and THOSE ARE MY FAVE, and a banana, and a huge bowl of Israeli salad. So at least I got a lot of veggies in. I then had two small sugar cookies, which were delish and worth it. I tracked the day as best I could and am trying to keep these positive feelings going and not get discouraged. Temptation is hard.


:( :) :( :) I am conflicted about today. Poor choices made, but mostly while out socializing with the BFF, so at least it wasn't sekreteeting. Two frozen breakfast sandwiches for lunch (not the healthy ones this time...they're TWICE AS MUCH!), then 1/2 a turkey panini and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup with baguette at Panera. Then we split a brownie. Hit insane traffic on the way home from Camarillo, and got off the 405 a few exits early, and said "If there's a street spot right in front of Chipotle I'll get a burrito..." And there was. Bah. Delicious but unnecessary. Then ANOTHER frozen breakfast sandwich at like, 11:30 PM, which is what happens when you stay up late. You eat. This is why I should always be in bed by 10.


Woke up knowing I had to go into the office. Harrumph. Had the last breakfast sandwich out of the box, then went to run an errand before going into the office. Drank a couple of beers, decorated all holiday-like, then went with my two fellow decorators for fancy fancy burgers. I had a truffle burger that was out of this WORLD, and we shared fries and homemade donuts. And another beer. Then just a small Lean Cuisine for an evening snack. Like Saturday, still not great choices, but they were made while out and about as opposed to just trying to FEED MY PAIN.


Cheese stick, banana and a Diet Coke for breakfast.  Then many of the plethora of chocolate holiday treats left in the kitchen. Then a breakfast burrito around 3:30 PM, with chips, and then I forgot to eat anything for dinner. Seriously. It does happen, occasionally.


I was a bundle of nerves all day about my kitty and suppressed them via bag after bag of Cheetos. That, Diet Coke, and one or two of the treats in the kitchen were all I subsisted on until I made dinner for The Married Couple. I ate normal amounts of chicken and salad, had some wine, and actually didn't have a frozen Greek yogurt even though my guests did.


More Cheetos. All day. A reasonably sized serving of Indian food for lunch. A Lean Cuisine and a bottle of wine for dinner. I don't even give a fuck, too stressed to care.


Oh, hi brownies. And Cheetos. Breakfast burrito in the afternoon. No dinner, just beers on my date. Many beers.


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