Monday, December 31, 2012

The Overhaul

I have plans.

Plans to overhaul my life and stop being such a lazy piece of crap. (So much for that "being kind to myself" resolution...oh, but it's not 2013 yet, so carry on.) Plans to expand my horizons and enrich my mind. Plans to  become an entirely different, smarter, healthier, more organized and better groomed person.

It'll be super easy. Mmhmm.

So what am I going to change?

Let us muse.

*Food: I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need to cook more. Like, really. I need to acquire some domestic skills otherwise no man is ever going to marry me and make me a stay at home trophy wife. And then where will I be? This particular endeavor goes hand in hand with my desire to spend less money, 'cause a) eating at home is much cheaper than binging on takeout multiple times per day and b) I will meal plan and thus not end up throwing out expired foods. Basically, I need to come up with a way to feed myself that doesn't involve a core diet of Lean Cuisines, otherwise I'm gonna get scurvy.

*Exercise: Everything I want to say about this I've said of course, a nagging little voice in my head (that sounds remarkably like Fran Drescher) is all, "what's different this time?" Shut up, Nanny. IT IS DIFFERENT. I will return to yoga, I will go outside and walk or run or waddle, I will do something on the weekends besides lay in bed all day with my cat. I will actually move my body at least four days a week. I'm contemplating starting a morning routine wherein I wake up at the same time every day and start off my day with weights/crunches/etc...we shall see if that happens. I do know that what I need is structure and consistency.

*Lifestyle: Here's the thing. I am an expert waster of time. It's miraculous, really, how I'm able to return home from work around 6PM daily and do absolutely nothing of substance until I climb into bed a few hours later. And I wonder why my place is always a mess and I feel like my brain is slowly melting. I need to return to my habit of leaving my laptop at work most nights, and institute a "no technology after 10" rule. (No, my Kindle does not count as technology.) I need to actually read and craft and do shit and not just spent infinite hours on the Internet.

So, yes, these are my plans. Nothing surprising, nothing innovative, but what can you do? I'm a simple creature, with simple goals, and at their root they are all this:

I want to make the most of my life.

And so I shall.

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