Monday, December 10, 2012

SEC Day #6: Pretty in Pink Style

Oh yeah. I'm going for two weeks in a row. BAM.

Okay, yes. I didn't do anything to my hair today, except wash it and put it up. But that's because I really, desperately need a hair cut, and since I didn't make it up to SB this weekend I need to find someone in LA for the first time. Until then, not wearing my hair down, because the ends look like straw. Straw I say.

I did, however, paint my face. So there was some effort.

You know what needs more effort, though?

My style posts. These photos suck. I'm sorry.

You don't care.

  • Lace Inset Top by Papaya
  • Cardigan by Halogen
  • Jeans by Jessica Simpson
  • Wedge Booties by Forever 21
  • Bracelet Inherited from Mama

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