Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Prep

I do believe I've mentioned before my fondness for symbolic holidays.

Like New Year's Eve.

In my opinion, when the clock strikes glorious midnight on that day, 2012 is completely wiped away and all the bullshit of the last few months can go fuck itself. I will find the glorious  motivation and drive that hit me last year around this same time. I will continue on this transformative journey, in which there is no end point, and I will ignore any self-flagellating thoughts about how I kind of thought I'd be "done" with weight loss by  now and I should be in some perfect state of bliss.

Silly girl.

In preparation of a fresh new start, wherein everything is perfect and amazing and I fix all my issues like BAM (sure), I spent today cleaning and tidying and organizing. My place isn't perfect, but it's in a pretty good state for when I return in 2013.

'Cause I have plans, y'all. Get ready for the details in the next few days. My deep love and affection for lists and schedules will be reading its ugly head. I am getting oh so ready.

2013, it is on.

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