Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anything and everything goes.

With 2013 looming in the distance, and the promise of a total fresh slate dangled in front of me like a super motivating carrot, I'm kind of in free fall. Anything goes at this point, I'm not even half pretending to behave.

And today, I saw "Anything Goes" at the Ahmanson downtown.

Yes, that was such an artificially created transition. So sue me.

So yeah, saw me a revival. Wasn't so into it. I guess I'm more a fan of the modern musical, as much as I love Cole Porter and "De-Lovely" and "in olden days a glimpse of stocking...", I just wasn't that into it. Kinda boring. And maybe being sick did something to my ears, 'cause I swear the vocals were just not that good.

But, I always love a mommy/daughter date downtown, and it's fun being out in the city during the holidays. Give me a sparkly bow and some evergreen and I am happy.

And an excuse to come up with an outfit.

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

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