Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rules of Distraction

In case the explosion of posts today didn't communicate this to you, I'm entirely too preoccupied with my kitty to even think about doing real work today. But I can't just sit here and worry, 'cause I'll drive myself (even more) insane.



Bookshelf Porn

The title is fairly self explanatory, no?

Via Buzzfeed, check out this new holiday meme. Of course.

Speaking of memes, here's Gawker's list of the worst ones this year. With these, I agree.

And, courtesy of Buzzfeed again, the best ones.

Gustavo Almadovar

This video is a few years old, and I think it was reposted on Jezebel a few months ago, but golly gee. Funny.

Some interactive fun!


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