Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reasons I find this morning displeasing.

1) My Bentley still doesn't seem to be getting better, so I went to the vet this morning and learned how to give him fluids under the skin. He was not pleased with me. But they clearly made him feel better, 'cause he ate some wet food. Look, my bed is a hospital.

2) I spent the entirety of yesterday at work acting as a waitress, and I didn't even get any tips.

3) I hate the new iTunes. It's dumb and I wish I could undo it. UNDO IT!

4) I have to work tomorrow. Yes, another Sunday. But at least I'll be decorating the office for the holidays, which will be fun. Ish.

5) I gots bills to pay, y'all. My bank account is sad. And I am overspending on Christmas gifts 'cause my soul is just so generous.

6) I'm PMSing and my face is an explosion of zits. Sexy.

That is all.

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