Sunday, December 23, 2012

December Photo Challenge...FAIL #7-14

Yeah. About that. More fail.

See, Bentley got sick. Remember? Remember that? And I sort of got distracted. Then I realized I was a couple of days behind. And if you know anything about me, you know that I don't do well under pressure. Once I realize I'm late on something, it's impossible for me to just fucking do it, I procrastinate and procrastinate and suddenly I'm like a billion days behind.

Whoops. Sorry?


So, that rule about using only my real camera? Gone. GONE I SAY. Why? Because it's easier, and I'm just that lazy. Let's just get this done.

Here's a few purty pictures. I will try my best to catch up by the 31st. No guarantees.

Day 7


Fake floral fun.

Day 8


There are sunglasses on my head.
My skull is not square.

Day 9


Truffle mushroom burger at Plan Check on Sawtelle in West LA.
Fucking glorious.

Day 10


Blackberry Southside cocktail from
Westside Tavern.

Day 11


My recently color coordinated closet.

Day 12

Black and white

3PM skies looking like sunset.

Day 13


Non-faux floral fun.

Day 14

Something that starts with "d"


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