Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

Nope, not that kind of boxing.

Not this kind either.

My Boxing Day is scheduled as follows: leftovers for lunch in an hour or so, then off to see "This Is 40" with my father. I'm hoping it's not too inappropriate for daughterly bonding times, but we watched "American Pie" and "American Beauty" together when I was 14, so I think it'll be okay.

After the movie I'm heading straight back to LA, back to visit with my Tree. I'll hang out on my own for a couple of days, see my shiny new therapist (more on that later), probably shop with my fancy new gift cards and then return to SB on Friday for more fun-time family frivolity. I'm planning on sticking around through the New Year, but we'll see how my Bentley is doing on his own.

YAY NEW YEAR. (More on that later too.)

I contemplated doing some shopping today, in the true tradition of Boxing Day, but that would involve being around other people. And now that Christmas is over, I'm back to hating other people.

Except you. You're so pretty.

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