Sunday, December 30, 2012


Am I the only person in the world who still makes New Year's resolutions?

Most people have given up on them at this point, I think. Considering our collective universal track record with success is pretty dismal, it seems like the very definition of insanity to keep making the same promises to ourselves again and again and again. Hell, if NY resolutions really worked, we'd all be skinny, rich, well-read bitches who don't gossip or swear or drink to excess.


So, yeah. I still love me some New Year's resolutions. The shiny promise of a whole new year makes me feel like the world is one big possibility, an empty canvas for me to throw paint at like a drunken third grader.  And, yes, my goals and hopes each year always seem remarkably similar to the year before, but no matter. I soldier on.

I took a look at my journal from this time last year, and couldn't help but laugh at what I read. I could easily write these same words, now, substituting 2013 for 2012, and not even see the difference:
"I want to be me, and love that person, and enjoy the life I'm living.            
            In 2012, I will change my life: get a new job, explore my passions
            and start a savings account.
            In 2012, I will change my body: start a yoga practice, run a 5k, and lose 40 pounds.
            In 2012, I will change my view: take more pictures, read 50 books and write every

So, a recap: 

*Don't have me a new job. Meh to that.
*I don't even know what passions I have, Unless watching TV is a passion.
*I do have a savings account, but it is pretty pathetic.
*I did have a yoga practice, for a bit...did not run a 5k.
*Did lose 40 lbs...then gained a few back. 
*Did take more pictures, did not read 50 books, and wrote almost every day.

Overall, I'm gonna call that "not too shabby". I am truly much happier with where I am now than where I was just a year ago, but I definitely still have a long way to go to become the person I want to be

And thus...more resolutions.

Taylor's 13 Resolutions for 2013

1) Commit every day to making healthy choices and living a happy life.
2) Make more of an effort to reconnect with old friends and find new ones.
3) Continue updating my blog regularly, expand my readership and come up with awesome new ideas for posts.
4) Get a new fucking job.
5) Keep a budget every month and commit to saving money and limiting frivolous spending. 
6) Be a more physical person and enjoy using my body and being strong. 
7) Once a month, explore somewhere new in LA---and blog about it.
8) Put effort into my appearance, not because of vanity, but because it makes me feel more confident.
9) Take the time to read, and knit, and write, and try to limit my screen-watching. 
10) And when I say write, I mean actually write fiction.
11) Okay, yeah: lose some weight. 
12) Find a way to volunteer my time.
13) Be kinder to myself. 

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