Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Evening

Merry Fucking Christmas Eve! (Yes, that expletive was absolutely necessary.)

I am a happy clam (were that clam not about to be made into chowder), 'cause it is Christmas, and I just love my family holidays.


Also, wine helps.

For the most part, traditionally, my Christmases are spent with just my immediate family plus the occasional boyfriend or friend or lonely wanderer. Our extended family is all in Nebraska, and we rarely travel for the holidays, so for the most part I associate Christmas and the like with private time with my beloved parents and darling if infuriating sister. This year, it's just the four of us plus my sister's boyfriend, who I like, so no complaints there, and things are just so damn fun.

Our traditions did get changed around a bit this year, though. Usually,  my mother makes three meals for us greedy hungry folk: Christmas eve, morning and day. This year, she decided (quite rightfully) that one of them needed to go by the wayside, so tonight we went out for dinner, foregoing our traditional oyster stew/chili/clam chowder evening.

The last two years, my parents and I have gone to Wine Cask in Santa Barbara to celebrate New Year's Eve. This year, we decided to try it for the Christmas E.

Butternut squash soup, lamb with pomegranates and mint
with pureed carrot, and a cookie pie.

Pretty damn good! I will say, compared to previous experiences, service/quality of tasty were not quite up to par, but we still had a wonderful experience, and a grand ole time. My family can pretty much have fun anywhere, so that was to be expected.

On the way home we took a detour to one of the streets that is always overdone for Christmas. I would never put a bunch of inflatable characters and illuminated animals on my front lawn for the holidays, but I certainly appreciate those who do.

I'm tucked in bed now, and having trouble sleeping. It doesn't matter how old I get, I still find myself unable to sleep on Christmas Eve, anxious with the promise of the morning's presents and joy and tradition. 

It just makes me happy.

Merry. Fucking. Christmas. 

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