Saturday, December 15, 2012

Non-Denominational Festivities in Red and Green

Last night was my company's "holiday" party on Main Street in Santa Monica. Festive.

I did not want to go. But I did go, and of course I had a reasonable amount of fun. Turns out I am surprisingly skilled at flip cup, and at avoiding talking to people I don't like. Plus, I cut out before I got too drunk and saved myself from mouthing off to people.

Not pictured: hot chick bartenders in antlers.

I sort of forgot to take a picture of my outfit, the Forever 21 haul I previewed last weekend. Whoops? I promise you, I looked splendid. I have a crappy pic from a few days ago when I texted the ensemble to the BFF. (Biff? Buff? BUFFY? Bitch needs a nickname.)

Please ignore the laundry on the floor behind me kthx.

Cute, right? Clearly a color scheme I like. And I wore sheer cream tights with polka dots. One of my coworkers' girlfriend told me I looked "lovely and angelic", so I'll take that. And my boobs looked fantastic.

In other news, I slept until noon today. Reminds me of my youth.

In even BETTER news, my Bentley has been eating more normally and seems much perkier! Enough that he refused to sit still for his fluids this morning and caused them to spray all over my bed. Thanks, Cat. Thanks.

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