Friday, December 7, 2012

Kitty Report

As you saw in yesterday's photo post, I had to take my silly Mr. Bentles McPhee to the vet. Before you get all worked up and worried, he's fine...hopefully.

For the last  few days, he hasn't been his normal gluttonous self. Bentley has an automatic feeder, 'cause he's fancy, and there is never a single morsel of food left in that bowl. He has even figured out how to shove his paw up the mechanism and extract extra treats for tasting. I noticed on Tuesday, maybe, that there was a serving of food in his bowl, and it kept growing as the feeder went off and he wasn't eating. I tried switching the food in case it was stale or his delicate palate was offended by the flavors, but no go. He took a few bites of wet food, but usually he would hoover that shit in no time flat, so something was definitely wrong.

I had plans to go up to Santa Barbara this weekend for girly BFF time and my parents' annual holiday party, and I knew I needed to get him checked out before then. Luckily I was able to get into a vet near me yesterday afternoon, and they did a bunch of tests on my poor darling. Nothing was wrong with his blood work, so he doesn't have kidney failure or diabetes, which are the two things I was most worried about. He did have some white blood cells in his urine which indicates infection, so I have antibiotics for him, and appetite stimulant pills, and fancy fancy high-calorie wet food. Hopefully he starts eating and this is just a little bump in his long, healthy liferoad.

Sadly, I'm cancelling my weekend away, 'cause my child needs me. Unfortunately, I accidentally had the spoiled kitty's new litter box shipped to my parents' house, so I will be driving up to Santa Barbara tomorrow, getting my hair cut, getting the litter box, and driving back. Ew, three hours in the car.

But I will do anything for my Tree.

I left him tucked in bed this morning when I went to work, and plan to go check in on him at lunch. I do think he is milking this as much as possible, like the little bitch he is. "LOVE ME!" he says. "CUDDLE ME I DON'T FEEL WELL." "CAN I SLEEP ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED?"

Yes, my poor sick baby, yes you can.

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