Friday, December 7, 2012

Dive Bar Date Style

I would say that last night's first date with GSquared was the best I have had in a long while. We laughed, we talked, we got to know each other. I feel like we made more of an actual connection and talked about more "real things" than I have on a first date before.

Things of note:

1) Cute (or even handsome, actually, if we want to get specific).

2) Way funny, and by that I mean, gets my sense of humor and is excellent at witty flirty banter.

3) Drives a vintage VW van with a beanbag in the back which, let's face it, is pretty baller.

4) Adorably dorky. Adorkable.

5) Tall and did I mention cute?

6) Smart and interesting and a most excellent conversationalist.

We are a fan. We are optimistic about the promise of a second date. We are pleased.

I met him for drinks at what seems to have become my standard first-Internet-date bar. It's only about a mile from me, on the same street, and I just love me some convenience. Plus it has a great vibe, decently priced drinks, and parking. Plus, the last two dates I had there (Ginger Original and Lawyer To Be) resulted in subsequent dates, so I think the place has good mojo for me.

Of course, I need to be careful. Can't overuse my magic bar. And I don't want the bartender to start recognizing me.

I look awkward.
I am awkward.

  • Top by Cotton On (Yes, it was wrinkly, no I did not care.)
  • Jeans by Jessica Simpson
  • Boots by ShoeDazzle
  • Rings from Ireland, Turkey, Greece and NYC...and Guess.
  • Necklace by Forever 21


  1. I do internet dating too! I use one of the free sites because, well, I guess I'm cheap or whatever.. haahha

    I'm happy you had a great second date! His VW van sounds awesome. And you look cute in that picture. That's my date outfit usually.. jeans, boots, and a cute shirt. Done. haha I'm also like you in that I don't spend hours and hours getting ready each day (you were talking about that in an earlier post), but I do like to put more effort in for dates.

    1. Oh, I definitely only use the free sites. Like I have $40 a month to meet guys online, psh, I have SOME priorities. Haha.

      Thanks, Blake! I love that top, it's new and in person it's very floaty and romantic. I think putting the effort in makes us feel more confident which is crucial for a date, right?