Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Recap #4

Weekly Loss: -2.2 lbs  (Can't complain a bit when I wasn't totally OP this week. So, YAY!)
Total Loss: -4.6 lbs

Calories Burned: 0
Days Active: 0
(There were so many times I almost went to yoga...but almost does not count at all now does it?)


I was planning to have a real breakfast but was so overwhelmed with rage after all the work bullshit that I had no appetite. Lean Cuisine pizza and a mini bag of Cheetos for lunch. Went out to sushi with a friend for dinner. Lots of beer. A somewhat decent day, all things considering.


Nothing for breakfast. For some unknown reason, I went to McDonald's for lunch...but at least I didn't get my full usual binge meal? At least? It was like, a smaller binge meal? Had half a gross chicken Lean Cuisine before going to a party. Drank some sangria and noshed on party mix and candy bars...carbs aplenty! Went through the Taco Bell drive-thru with my friends at midnight. Crunchwrap Supreme. Delectable.


Sigh. Woke up at the Married Couple's house and drove straight to work to perform some physical labor, and snacked on a bag of Cheetos and 2 peanut butter cookies while I was there. Got Zankou for lunch, which isn't the most unhealthy thing in the world --- chicken kebab, rice, pita, etc. Nom. McDonald's AGAIN for dinner because I'm a goddamn self-destructive addict who would rather eat something I KNOW doesn't taste good and I KNOW is terrible for me than make good choices because I clearly don't want to be happy. I. Have. Issues. Wah.


Yogurt for breakfast. Like a motherfucking champion. Mini cupcakes for lunch, 'cause they were in the kitchen and STARING at me. And I spent all fucking day stressing and I wanted some goddamn frosting. I would say I had enough mini cupcakes to equate to one REAL cupcake, over the course of the day. Then I had two cheese sticks around 4:30 once I actually got hungry for real food, but didn't feel like eating an actual meal. Then I ordered sushi for dinner, because I still hadn't gone to the grocery store...but at least it was sushi and not pizza? Or McDonald's? Or fat in a can? Then I was starving at like, 10 PM, so I made the last Lean Cuisine left in my freezer and just picked out the chicken. Protein.


Cheated and checked the scale, which shows the same number as last Friday, least I'm not fatter? Yet. Cheese stick and an apple for breakfast. Then some Ritz cheese crackers. Then some sour cream and onion Ruffles. And once I had those, my brain said, "well, you dropped your phone on the ground, might as well smash it till it breaks" and I planned to have a breakfast burrito for lunch. But I quickly realized it is exactly 4 weeks until 2013 and I want nothing more than to be back under 150 by then. So no burrito! Yay for self-control! I had a Lean Cuisine pasta around 3:30 with a banana. I also went to TJ's get groceries so I no longer have an excuse to order takeout or go get fast food. Of course, I bought a frozen pizza and ate that for dinner...and it was delicious. But still, progress, and the pizza actually wasn't that bad, points-wise.


Cheese stick and banana for breakfast. I ordered from a restaurant I don't like for work lunch, but I had a few small bites of rice and fried chicken. Finally forced some lunch down around 3, a super low point Lean Cuisine and yet another cheese stick. TJ's salad with cous cous, chicken and currants with basil dressing for dinner. 100% feeling in control today. And of course....thrilled with it. I WISH I COULD BOTTLE THIS FEELING AND DRINK ALL THE TIME. You know what I should do instead? KEEP BEING HEALTHY. IT'S THE SAME THING. SHOUTY.


Peach Greek yogurt and a banana for breakfast. A nibble of a malasada pastry from a coworker who brought them on a plane from Hawaii...truly just a nibble. And it was delicious but I didn't go back for more. Gave into the siren call of sour cream and onion Ruffles, but didn't eat as much as I wanted to, ie the rest of whole big bag. Win? A salad from TJ's for lunch with kale, almonds cranberries, edamame and lemon herb dressing. Another chunk of a pastry. Half of a Trader Joe's gorgonzola pasta thingymabobber for dinner, almost ate the whole thing but exhibited some willpower, then had two beers on my date.

Once again, a week without tracking and a week with some bad choices and binges, but overall I do feel like I'm moving in the right direction and slowly things are getting better. I really want to try to track every single day in the coming week, and not go over my points!

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