Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thoughts in hangover form.

First, I bring you an easily adaptable tutorial for how to recover after a shittastic Friday:

1) Drink more than one beer at 4PM at work during a supposed "cleaning party". More than one does not mean two.

2) Go to your favorite sushi restaurant with a girlfriend and drink more beer, and get your vent on, and have a grand old time.

3) Have her drive you home because somehow you got a little drunk with all that beer drinking.

4) Turn off all your lamps, sit in a rainbow light illuminated paradise, and drink tequila.

5) Be drunk.

6) Watch TV.

7) Cuddle a cat.

8) Sleep.


Of course, now I'm stuck in a recovery dilemma:

1) I want my car.

2) My car is at work.

3) I need to do some work this weekend (yeah, no shit), so if I walk over to the office, I should be productive.

4) I don't want to be productive.

5) There are large dead plants in the back of my car that I need to exchange.

6) I do not want to do that.

7) But I have to drive to Pasadena tonight and I do not want to do that with dead plants in the car.

8) Bah. Want to stay in bed.

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