Thursday, December 6, 2012

SEC Day #4: Comfy Cute Style

Oh man, this morning was rough.

I took a shower (YAY CLEAN HAIR), then put on the outfit I had planned out yesterday.

And I felt strangely rotund.

And then I lost my mind.

See, I have a date tonight (more on this later), and my plan was to wear my date outfit to work. So confronted with a sudden change in plans and I got a wee bit frazzled. I tried on like, nineteen things (sidebar: nineteen is my go-to random high number of choice, weird) and none of them made me feel date-ready. Ultimately I just threw on one of my most tried and true, comfy cute dresses, something I've owned since college. I basically feel like I'm wearing pajamas, but I look somewhat respectable.

Something of note: I'm wearing this dress backwards, 'cause the neckline on the front has sequins, but the lace cardy is sheer so my back is SPARKLY. HAH.

ALSO: This morning's closet explosion resulted in a lack of time to do anything with my nice, clean hair. So it's air-drying in its normal lion's mane way.

AND: I only took one quick pic and you can't even really see what the dress looks like cause, dur, I had the cardigan on already.

As penance for today's poor showing, I'll do another post tomorrow with whatever my date outfit happens to be.

The dress is green. If you couldn't tell.

No facial expression, because
any attempt resulted in
  • Dress by Express
  • Lace Cardigan by Miss Chievous
  • Leggings by Just One
  • Scarf from Folklife in Seattle
  • Boots by Style&Co
  • Bracelet by I Don't Know And It's Broken

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