Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SEC Day #3: Lazy Lady Style

I was going to wash my hair this morning...

Then I snoozed my phone. And again. AND AGAIN. And again...

And then I didn't have time.

So there's some sort of bun situation going on on the back of my head. Gorgeous.

Then I could not decide what to wear, and finally decided to try my floral pants that were too tight on me last time I wore them. Still tight, but not horrifyingly so, and I decided to suck it up and wear them even if they were slightly uncomfortable.

Thirty five minutes into my workday and I discovered the zipper broke.

Now I am shamed, and sad.

And I will never eat again.

I'm such a sexy piece of ass.

  • Top by Michael Stars
  • Floral Pants by American Rag
  • Boots by Naughty Monkey
  • Scarf from ModCloth, I think?
  • Peace Earrings from Macys, probably?

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