Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Photo Challenge

Oh, December, I do love you so. You  might just be my very favorite month after March! Don't you feel special? I bet you do.

I really enjoyed doing the August Photo Challenge a few months ago, but never remembered to commit to doing another one. Because, what now children?


Yes that's true. But today, I am not lazy. I am starting a December Photo Challenge. Not only that, I decided to make up my own guide. I used the lists over at Fat Mum Slim for inspiration, and came up with a few prompts on my own. I may post a picture every day, or I might save up a few and post every few days...depends on how prolific I am on the blog this month, I suppose! (Hey, I averaged 3 posts a day in November, not too shabby.)

One exciting change from my last photo challenge: I will be using my real camera for all my shots. None of this iPhone camera nonsense. As much as love my Instagram, Pixlromatic and PicFrame.

If you want to play along with me, let me know in the comments and link me to your blog. I'll give a shout out to anyone who uses my photo list and post some of your pics!

If you're curious what photos you might see this month, follow me behind the cut...or just enjoy the titillating anxiety of surprise.


December Photo Challenge

1. You, now.
2. Morning
3. Day
4. Night
5. Something happy
6. Something sad
7. Reflection
8. Shadow
9.  Food
10. Drink
11. Clothes
12. Black & White
13. Color
14. Something that starts with "d"
15. Something blue
16. Something that made you smile
17. The last thing you bought
18. The last thing you made
19. Heavy
20. Light
21. Dark
22. Mother
23. Father
24. Sister
25. A gift
26. Ground
27. Sky
28. Sea
29. Somewhere you sat
30. Something you wore
31. Self-portrait

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